19 July 2010

Doing some freelance work and loving it...

I have been working with the great Bocci and his parental unit Joan Demartin. What a great twosome! I love working with people that love what they do and get excited to do and to try new things! These two LOVE IT!

I have now been labeled not only Bocci's Beefs blog designer but now and in charge of marketing and social networking. I love it! I have given Bocci some new ares to check him out at:


When I love is that we work well together. We work so well together that there is a big big project that we are going to start up soon! It will be great and I am dying to tell you but I would rather show you instead! So please stay tuned and you will see what we will be sharing with you all!

Compliments to Rachel Ridgley Photography for supplying the photos

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Bocci said...

Great post, Cassandra!