20 July 2010

Some new things...

I have been going over and tweaking some things over the course of summer and I have beefed up ( literally) my BBQ concept and added a little to the tea pot that I designed over the my last term.

This is also an older project that I am revamping to add to my portfolio. It was a sponsored project with McGill AirFlow LLC. We redesigned their Leak Detective Kit - this system are usedwhen testing HVAC's in buildings.
They are all not much for right now but everything if you have noticed have been getting a bit of an over haul. This evening marks the newest version of my website! Check everything out!


Charnelle said...

I would completely buy that tea pot..so cool. i love my tea. how do you create those 3-d rendered images?

Cappello Design said...

Hi! Thank you! I use a program called Solidworks, you can build and render in the program itself. How are things!?!?!?!