03 August 2010

Cleaning House

I have been in a funk for a bit now... I chose that enough is enough, take control right? Well after sketching today and finding more research for a new project I decided to go through my massive amount of book marks in their folders and find what I need and don't need. Along the way I found things I forgot I had and got So excited to find and things that I don;t know why I ever saved :)

Here are some things that are in my main folder because they make me happy!

There is a site Industrial Design Served professionals post their new work all the time.
I think it is sad I haven't been to TED in ages! Everyone should go! It is addicting!

I couldn't help it...

I LOVE stop animation! I am a have a bad weakness for it. I can sit and watch it for hours. I follow this blog - Dark Matters. He is making is own stop animation movie but posts a lot of clips of old movies too.

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