23 September 2010

Design and food, how does it get better?

One of my very good friends Tania Ulloa-Olavarrieta is still is the great area of Columbus, Ohio. Not only is she a great product designer but also a great graphic designer.She has also been recently blessed with one of the cutest little boys that I have ever seen!

Ariana, Tania and Cintia
Tania and her two sisters (shown above), have gotten together with their children in mind  to create something wonderful. They not only created it but they want to share it with as many people as they can.

Bebo Organics was started as a personal need to provide organic baby food for young children, with the convenience moms needs. Their focus is on 8-24 months/stages 3-4; all the food is homade, with 99% organic ingredients, no preservatives, no thickeners.

Clip from the Bebo website.
Their food can stay for up to three months and be just as delicious as the day that you bought it. Everyone will love the freshness and the taste. Bebo uses a local commercial kitchen thanks to Ace Networks to ensure that all the food is made to code and to the up most freshness.

They have a wide range of flavors and food as well! Turkey Stew, Creamy Chicken Bisque, Mango Tango Puree, and many more! Parents will love the organic ingredients and their children will love the taste!

Tania has created the branding as well as their menu and their pamphlets. He use of color, type and layout, I personally love. It is fun and kid and mom friendly.

If you are in the area they will be at the Worthington Farmers Market in Columbus on Saturday October 2. Go check them out and have some fun! They are a wonderful group of people! I wish them and their budding company the best of luck!

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