22 September 2010

It is all about the women this time boys!!!!

I love reading and following  Cecilia Gorman's blog "Confessions of a Creative Recruiter". She has great incite on the industry and tips on putting yourself out there.

Well the other day I was reading up on some past post's that I had missed and came across this:

Little Black Book: ( a link to her article)

Then I found this link CLICK ME! You can read the entire book online.

This book goes through 100 Women in various fields of work - they each talk about success and the wisdom that they had picked up along the way. There is Cat Cora ( A chef who i LOVE), Barbie, to the former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers, and MANY MORE.

There is info on each woman and then a little video clip for most of them.

Being a man's world still in may professions it was really nice to find this. I have read through it on that link above. It was great to see the diversity of the jobs as well.  Check it out it is a great find!

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