16 September 2010

Rhinebeck Farmers Market.

This afternoon taking a break from some house work I sat down and worked on a little project. I love the name combination so I sat down and got to work.

Rhinebeck is a a quaint town just north of where I am in Hyde Park. I have just learned that there is a winter market coming this year! Great huh? I also have been notified that the market has been up and running for 16 years now.

This is just small something that I wanted to work on. Even though there is a market exsisting I wanted to work on something local for fun.

There is a lot more coming in the next few days and coming weeks! I am very excited to share it!


Bocci said...

I've heard so much about this farmer's market-very much nationally known!

I'm confused-did you design that flyer?

Tid Bits said...

I designed it all but just as a fun thing to do. I liked the idea of doing something for a farmers market but I had the name pop in and couldn't get it out. nothing else fit to me lol