17 September 2010

A fabulous find?

I know that this might be way too good to be true, BUT....... My mom and my step dad were traveling back to New York from Florida. They stopped at a few antique shops  along the way and came across  a wonderful casserole dish.

Eva at 103 is still designing.

My mom was nice enough to pick it up for me because she felt that I would love its design. Well, I do!

When she gave it to me I did have a moment of a few double takes though. Its form resembles of my my favorite designers Eva Zeisel's work, who is known for her beautiful ceramic pieces.

(only one I could find online)

This is her casserole dish: it is the only one I could find online. I am going to go through some more books when I get the chance.

This is the one that my mom found for $8.00! The look similar... Right?

Now is this hers? A Fake? I have no idea... There are similarities to both but there is no information about her work on this particular piece having flowers printed on them. 

I plan on talking to some people around here and try to contact some in the city but it would be great if for only 8.00 my mom stumbled upon this gem!

I can only hope! I am sure that it is a great knock off but either way I think that it is adorable!


Bocci said...

That is a great design, Cassandra-let's hope it's the real deal!

cori rowley said...

Hey there! Loving this casserole dish! I hope its hers!!!! Way to go mom for finding such a cool deal! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog by the way!