24 September 2009

This weekend I will be heading out of state for a wedding, bringing along with me all of the homework that I can ( thank you CCAD ;) ). With that though I be getting back to daily doodles and working with some more personal things since I have a week sort of in between projects.

The IHA competition is starting soon ( International Housewares Association) and only within the past week have i began to fully develop full thoughts of options for that. Brain storming will begin this weekend as well and in to next week but hopefully soon i will get my new package done for my shoe line I have working on for my portfolio and a few other things that I have been messing with.

I have been dabbling with some shoes design, housewares ( other than furniture), furniture and lately I have been getting really in to things that children or parents have to use, Not toys or anything like that but interactive, cognition. I find it so fascinating.

I have been trying to grab a few more ideas for thesis as well. That way I can choose what I feel will suit me best. At this point it all seems to be revolving around children or situation with those with a disability.

We Shall see..

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Taylor said...

Hi Cassandra,
I hope that you have a nice weekend, i am looking forward to hearing what you come up with. i think that a product for children with disabilities that would be great-if i can help you brainstorm at all let me know.