29 September 2009


This afternoon was my final presentation for pome. It went really well I think. Both professors really liked it and ended up asking to keep it for Senior Show at the end of the year.

Now that that is closing up we have started on to IHA more updates on this soon i am still brain storming everything and anything for area to work in.

Here is a layout that I did for my writing class. The assignment was to be if our products were to be in next months Design Within Reach's Catalog.

Here is mine.. I made sure that it had some of me in it still ;)


Taylor said...

Hi i am so glad to hear that your presentation went well! if they asked to have it for the thesis show i am sure they liked it! this article is a neat assignment! overall this looks great and is nicely worded. but, there is something funny going on with the spacing.
in terms of grammer: there are a few minor changes i would recommend. (this piece follows that styling-i would change to the styling...) and mate finish should be spelled matte. if you choose to use this text in your portfolio-i think it would work nicely-but i would recommend one or two more tweaks to perfect it at that point.

nice personal touch!
looking forward to hearing your housewares concepts!

Cassandra Cappello said...

thanks! when i was working on it the i didn't even see the spacing issue till i got it back yesterday in class! I cant believe that I missed it!