20 January 2010

Last time around????

Here we are the second day of my last semester here at CCAD. Weird? Nervous? Why yes! Thank you for asking! This next semester will be filled of things! I WILL be posting so much more and a lot when I do! I have a few free lance projects going on that I am excited about, my thesis and my portfolio! Which you will see more of near the end of the week! My goal to have it all done and printed by early march! ( This week or next week I will have some sample shots of what is becoming my new website! I own cassandracappellodesign.com i need to put something that goes with such a name!)

My goal is to send out some teasers to get people interested in me and then the big package! Tah-Dah here I am please tell me if you like me! :) I am really excited! So many things are happening! I hope that I can keep up with them all!

I am lucky enough to be working with my dad on a free lance project! I am doing the Identity and branding for him so something spectacular! I will share when I can but at the moment... I am not at liberty to say ;)


Taylor said...

Busy, busy! I am excited to see where you are on your thesis this week. Let's plan to talk this weekend-does that work for you? or skype-are you set up with that yet?

I would like to spend some more time talking about your portfolio approach and how to start setting up your big presentation soon. i think this weekend would be ideal. before we talk about this it would be great if you could list your projects, and what the highlight of each project (i.e. hand tool project: ergonomics or form project: aesthetics)


Katherine said...

I love your desk, so neat!! Good luck with everything! Just don't forget to sleep :)

Alex Lyon said...

This is crazy! Good luck. Ill be there every step of the way. And probably be cracking worse then you. haha.