22 September 2010

NYC or bust

Yesterday I packed my portfolio and sketch book and headed down to the city. I had an appointment with the lovely Brian Young at Creative Circle. ( Creative Circle is a creative recruiter - they do freelance, part time and full time.) We had been emailing back and fourth and this was my final acceptance in to their program.

 They are here in NYC but I know that they are in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, LA, Philli, Seattle and San Fran. A very good friend of mine Dan Blake was nice enough to tell me about them and I immediately signed up. The only thing is that you need to be close to one of these branches to become a "employee" of theirs because even for the freelance you are needed to go in to the specified companies offices.

 After my meeting we walked around for while it was nice to have no agenda and walk the city. I was able to show my fiance (who was nice enough to come down with it )  China Town, the financial district and Soho ( I would LOVE to live there!), But we got to see some really nice views too.

This we thought was awesome! They were painting the ad on the side of this building.  The type was done beautifully!


 I picked up this really cool scarf from the Muji store.

We happened to pass by the MOMA Design Store and went in ( duh! ) Alex found this bracelet of the subway line - so I of course splurged!!! It is so so cute!

We also found this cute ringlet book and a time line of design. ( would not mind getting my hands on the time line! It was created so nicely!


We then found this great stationary store that I love Kates Paperie! I am always on the site checking what new things they have out.

I loved the interior of the store too! It was such a great eclectic feeling.

We then found this print!

Alex and I love these types of  prints, we already have a great map of Paris from the 1800's and awesome world map that we have found in Columbus and in D.C.

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What's her name said...

Hi, there, I'm interested myself in being represented by Creative Circle as a copywriter. How did you get your appointment with Brian?