17 October 2010

I finally got my pull ups! Kinda

I am sorry that I have been neglecting my blog lately. I have been really busy! On top of trying to re-work my portfolio for an area of design that I really want to get in to - project management/ marketing/ strategy etc. New things have surfaced that I am so excited to share!

Over the course of two weeks and after two trips to the city and two interviews I am now employed! I started this past Thursday and it was great! I am right in the Flat Iron District ( one of my favorite areas!)! I have finally accomplished one of my biggest goals - to work in the city! It is still so weird to be going there but I am so excited for my first full week there!I will be interning for 3 months to work towards full time employment.

Jovoto is  German company that has jumped over here and recently opened their first office in the states. There is not that many of us in the office but it is nice though. I enjoy that is is an open room that we all work together in.

Definitely check out this site! Even if you have a full time job there is so many fun things to get involved with. We are always running contests with companies that you can become apart of! Come and challenged by contests for big brands, international companies and NGOs!!!!! There is such diversity with all of the companies and contests that there is one and more that will be of interest to anyone! You have the ability to post your work in progress and get feed back from other creatives involved! Don't worry though we do appreciate all of your hard work! The artist is never shafted here!  ( which I love!) You can always get big prize money - and there is always a chance that the company purchases your idea as well!

While there I  am one of the Community Managers and will be in charge of contests and guiding them and the people involved, working on the platform, creating case studies at the end of projects, etc. This is a great position! I am very excited to get more involved and work with the people and the companies that I have already started to work with!
There are a bunch of really great contests coming up and I highly suggest getting involved! Keep those creative juices flowing!